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Message from Head of the Department

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,
The Department of Islamic Studies is one of the founding departments of Pundra University of Science & Technology, Bogura, Bangladesh. It offers four year B.A (Hons), M.A (1 & 2 years) programs. M.A program is specialized with Major in Tafsir and Hadith, Major in Islamic Law and Major in Islamic Banking and Economics. From its inception it has promoted Islamic education and fostered original and analytical research across a wide range of subjects on Islam. Simultaneously, this department is working away to spread out ethics, values, norms as well as the philosophy and beauty of Islam through faith, knowledge, teaching, counseling, seminar, symposium & research. With a good blend of Islamic and conventional education, the department maintains a learning community from its establishment that produces leaders to contribute to the development of national and international aspects.

The department provides facilities to carry out advancement in introduction to the Quranic sciences, Classical and Modern Tafsir, Al-hadith & its Sciences, Islamic History & Culture, Comparative Study of Religions, Islamic Economics, Islamic Banking & Insurance, Public Administration, Computer Science & Technology, Arabic language, Muslim Philosophy and Research Methodology.

On behalf of the department, I would like to welcome students and researchers into the ocean of knowledge and wish for their success in the department of Islamic Studies.

Dr. Istiaqul Alam Mamdood
Department of Islamic Studie

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