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About the Department:
The objective of the BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies program is to present Islam as a complete code of life based on the revealed knowledge of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. The curriculum is designed to enable students to have a comprehensive worldview on Islam as an ideal system and its role in the development of human life according to the teachings and practical guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. Besides the major area of concentration, there will be some courses from a general inter-disciplinary body of knowledge, which will prepare the students to adjust to the reality of contemporary world facing multidimensional issues.

Entry Requirement:
The entry requirement for the BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies program is a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), A Level, Alim or any other equivalent level of education recognized by the competent authority and also fulfilling any other conditions fixed by the authority.

Admission into the BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies program is on a competitive basis candidates arc selected for admission on the basis of past academic records, written tests, and/or a viva examination.

Graduation Requirement:
The BA(Hon’s) program in Islamic Studies spreads over four years and carries a total marks of 4000. It consists of 38 courses and each course carrying 100 marks (30 marks for Internal evaluation and 70 marks for written test). There are two vive-voce examination carrying 100 marks at the end of second year and fourth year examinations. Duration of written Examination is 03 (three) hours for every course. A student must obtain at least a “c” grade to pass an individual course.

A student will have to complete 120 credit hours from 40 courses (40x3 = 120). Every course carrying 03 credit hours.

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