Computer Science & Engineering


Message from Head of the Department

The Computer Science and Engineering program combines a rigorous education in computer science with an added emphasis on the physical and architectural underpinnings of modern computer system design. With a background that spans computer science and computer engineering, our graduates are able to address computing systems across the hardware and software spectrum. The objective of the degree is to produce a well-rounded and well-balanced graduate who can use computer science tools to solve real-world problems. In designing the course, the requirements of IEEE and the standards laid down by American, Canadian, British, and Indian universities and institutes have been taken into consideration. The aim of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is to enable innovation through research, advance educational programs in CSE and ICT fields, and facilitate the enrichment of CSE human resources—students, faculty, and staff—thereby establishing itself as a center of excellence at the national and international level.

Md. Habib Ehsanul Haque

Head, Department of CSE

About the Department

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program is a program of 157 credits and 48 (forty-eight) months of study over a period of eight semesters. The diploma engineers will get waivers in some courses on the basis of their previous academic records. A student must take a normal load of 3 to 4 courses with associated practical courses in a semester if he or she intends to complete the program within 4 years. The maximum time for completion of the program is six (6) years.

Students' eligibility for admission to the CSE program: The students must fulfill the following requirements:

Applicants must have passed SSC and HSC (or equivalent) examinations from the Science group with a minimum 2nd division in both the examinations, or five subjects in O-level and three major subjects (Math, Physics, and Chemistry) in A-level education are required. The students who have completed SSC and HSC under the GPA system will have to have a minimum CGPA of 2.5. The O- and A-level students must have an average grade of B.

For diploma students:

Courses must be waived in accordance with UGC guidelines. Those with diploma engineering in electrical, electronics, computer, power, mechanical, or telecommunications are also eligible for admission with waivers in some courses as per the decision of the departmental equivalence committee. Only courses from the GED group may be exempted. Courses in the basic sciences, mathematics, and any engineering course will not be exempted. The total exempted credits must not be more than 13.5 credits.

Vision & Mission


The Department believes that student learning is the top priority, and we work hard to offer our students a high standard of engineering education to help them achieve their fullest potential. Our students will develop their technology skills, their individual talents, and their critical thinking, and we are working hard to make Pundra University of Science & Technology, especially the department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), the Center of Excellence in Engineering and Technology Education & Research by working with the students in their studies as well as in applied research.


1. To provide high-quality, state-of-the art education and knowledge in computer science and engineering to produce competent engineers capable of solving real-world problems to meet the needs of industry and society.

2. To contribute towards the creation of new knowledge through eminence research and innovation in CSE and allied fields to address emerging national and global issues for the wellbeing of society.

3. Improve the Industry Institute Interaction program to become more familiar with corporate culture.

4. To enable students to attain the required ethics with an attitude of entrepreneurial skills, ethical values, and social conscience.

5. To instill leadership qualities in students in order for them to pursue successful professional career paths, pursue advanced studies in computer engineering, and become life-long learners in cutting-edge developments in computing and IT.