Message from Head of the Department

Every single human being possesses immense possibilities for desired fulfillment as a rightful citizen of the universe, and, as such, necessarily deserves the required opportunities and fellow endorsement. The Department of English, Pundra University of Science & Technology, unanimously believes in facilitating inspiration, cognitive support, compassionate dealings and equated nurturing for each and every learner. As the dedicated representatives of the department, we do care for every single learner with the softest care and the loftiest significance so as to pave the ways for both their physical blossoming and psychological headway. We expect both of our faculty resource persons and our students to study avidly, acquire knowledge from classic as well as contemporary pieces of fiction and non-fiction, embellish their day-to-day lives with the best humanistic portion of their earned enlightenment, and, above all, be the best humans fostering cultural relativism in its height. Concurrently, we nourish our students in an atmosphere stimulating linguistic enunciation and aspired communicative competence both in Bangla and English. All our committed efforts and endeavors aim to engender graduates having both academic and intellectual capabilities of availing themselves of national as well as international mobility.


Md. Mozaffor Hossain
Assistant Professor & Head
Department of English

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